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Company Culture
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Company Culture

- Corporate culture

Kun thick loads, Germany and Germany have no boundaries.

To Qiankunyuan, all things are born, it is Shun Chengtian. Kun thick loads, Germany and Germany have no boundaries. Containing Hong Guangda, the property is Xianheng. Hummer land

Customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit

Volm is a business,Volm is a family,Volm is a school,Volm is the stage。

The company will always adhere to the "quality first, reputation first, sustainable development" business philosophy, and strive to become a high-quality supplier of industrial vacuum pump compressors in China, to provide customers with reasonable and perfect solutions, products and services. Customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit!

“Being a better vacuum pump enterprise in China” is our goal.

Volm's entrepreneurial spirit, “Innovation is strong and excellence is pursued”

Management = work is no small matter; cost determines efficiency; talent = want to do + will do + hard work

Core = employees and enterprises develop together, enterprises and employees share; style = unity, forge ahead, truth-seeking, pragmatic

Safety = Benefits; Peace is Happiness Quality is the foundation of business survival

Learning = learning at work growing in learning

Reward the society by realizing economic and social value for customers and employees

Yantai Volm uses our mastery of engineering technology theory and practical experience in related industrial fields.

To provide customers with a full range of high-standard technical solutions and efficient and effective services to achieve economic and social value for customers and employees, and to give back to the community.

Strive to create "China's high-end domestic vacuum pump brand"

We will continue to innovate our products and continuously improve our service level. Committed to the development of the vacuum pump and compressor industry, and build a high-end domestic vacuum pump brand in China.

We are demanding ourselves with higher corporate ethics standards to satisfy our customers and employees. With our quality products and services, we are finally one of the leaders in the vacuum pump compressor market.

"Be a man first, then do things." Do things seriously, be careful.

Pay attention to science and sustainable development. Sincerely communicate and strictly abide by the system. Know gratitude and help each other.

Talent Strategy: People-oriented, gathering talents, leading talents and talents, using talents and talents, and making a success. In order to hire people, regardless of seniority, ability, and mediocrity, fair competition, survival of the fittest.

Employing the concept: take advantage of its strengths and use it as appropriate. According to personal strengths, the corresponding work arrangements and personal goals are closely integrated with Yantai's development.

Employing people: to give the platform to the doers, to give priority to the people, to the entrepreneurs to the environment, to the innovators, to the mediocrity, to disciplinary disciplinary.

Really doing vacuum pump, honest service to establish word of mouth

Yantai Volm employees have long adhered to the principle of “hard work, study, dedication, service”.

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