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Vacuum has always followed"Quality first, integrity development"Business philosophy, focus"Vacuum"The cultivation of the brand has formed a full range of products such as liquid ring, dry type and complete sets of units. From product consultation to product supply, Walm provides customers with a full range of high quality services.

The company's sales network covers more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, and exports to the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Yantai Vacuum vacuum pump is sold to countries all over the world

Shandong vacuum pump manufacturer

Yantai Volm Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.It is a domestic advanced pump and compressor manufacturer. In order to be in line with international standards, the company's products have passed the ISO9001: 2000 international standard quality system certification, and have become the main auxiliary equipment recommenders of thermal power units and enterprises managed by enterprise resource management system (ERP) in Shandong Province. And won the title of Shandong Province famous products. For many years, the company has been awarded the honorary title of “Annual Enterprise Inspection and Exemption Enterprise” and “Contract-honoring and Credit Enterprise” by Yantai Industrial and Commercial Bureau."Vacuum"Brand vacuum product positioning is not blindly pursuing big and complete, but strives to achieve"Specialized"。

At present, the company's main products are 2BV, 2BE1 and 2BE3 series.Water ring vacuum pump and compressor,The company's production and sales volume continue to maintain the forefront of the domestic industry, and can provide complete sets of production solutions for pump parts mold development, machinery manufacturing, performance testing. Products are widely used in petroleum, natural gas, chemical, paper, sugar, alcohol, starch, corn deep processing, metallurgical mining, pharmaceutical, disinfection, sewage treatment, plastics, textiles, food and beverage industries, products are evaporators, filtration Machines and other equipment.

“Volm”The brand products have the characteristics of advanced technology, first-class quality, reasonable price, simple installation, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, low cost of use, etc., and have obtained good industry evaluation for many years. As the technology of "Walm" vacuum products 2BV, 2BE1, 2BE3 series reaches the international advanced level, the company producesFlat disc vacuum pumpThe products have the same performance as the well-known vacuum pumps in Germany. With the same internal structure, many foreign customers come here to visit and discuss cooperation matters.

Currently“Volm”Brand products all over the country more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and exported to the United States, Britain, Ukraine, Australia, North Korea, South Korea, India and other countries, the company has won wide acclaim from domestic and foreign users with first-class products and service quality. Pursuing excellence without end, advancing with the times and creating the future, the company will always adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" business philosophy, seize opportunities, pioneering and innovative, and is willing to seek common development with friends at home and abroad.

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